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Already tried it? The new minipic minis

The new minipic minis are the perfect fun-sized snack for young and old. The spicy minis made from 100% Swiss quality meat are ideal for snacks in-between meals. They can be stored at room temperature and enjoyed anytime anywhere.

Please read the info's for more information on content, storage, shelf life, declaration and consumption.


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minipic minis

The minipic minis live in a sunny valley high-up in the majestic mountains of Graubünden. They are colourful and joyful souls that get up to all sorts of adventures together. Every minipic mini is an original with its own story and unique characteristics.

minipic miniminis Gian


the clever one

Gian knows more than Wikipedia and Google together but sometimes he is a terrible know-it-all.

minipic miniminis DerCoole win2


the cool one

Skating, snowboarding, football – he is fantastic at sports and very adventurous. But however bravely he tackles adventures, he doesn’t dare tell Bella that he likes her.

minipic miniminis Ali


The alien

Alli can change its shape and speak all languages of planet earth. But he doesn’t understand the mannerisms of “earthlings” and sometimes he gets terribly home sick.

minipic miniminis bella


the pretty one

Behind Bella’s radiant smile is a clever girl. She looks after others and likes harmony.

minipic miniminis Minimo Minimia

Minimo Minima

the twins

The twins always sick together and are up for naughtiness, although their cheeky pranks keep getting them into trouble.

minipic miniminis selina


the cheeky one

Selina loves the mountains and nature. She adores being outdoors in nature, climbing mountains and swimming in alpine lakes. She cannot stand boredom.

minipic miniminis Robbo3


the robot

The robot is technically highly talented and can fix any electronic device. He needs regular updates, as he’ll catch a virus otherwise.

minipic miniminis Bo


the baby

When Bo the baby is in a good mood, it is super cute. When Bo is in a bad mood, it is utterly annoying.

minipic miniminis DieWilde win2


the wild one

She has the black belt in any martial art you can think of and she’s therefore not to be messed with. Her favourite colour is pink.



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