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Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG acknowledges the ethical responsibility that comes with its meat processing activities. As a Swiss leader in the field, we have an obligation to treat the raw material we use with the greatest respect and to act as a role model for the industry. 

We strive for improvements that will positively impact sustainability at all levels and in all facilities, and implement such improvements whenever financially viable.

Photo: Female white-spotted bluethroat in our biodiversity hotspot.

What we are doing.
The first step starts with a vision.

Guiding principle

We attach great value to meat products that are produced as sustainably as possible and guarantee high product quality. By consistently adopting the latest technology in everything we do, we make an important contribution to sustainability and to healthy products.

The activities and goals below highlight what our Environment, Technology and Energy, Raw Materials and Packaging units are doing, as well as describing organisational activities (as at April 2023).

Achievements in figures.

Facts & figures

Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG has been caring for people and the environment for decades. Efforts focus on the company’s own production facilities because these are the places where we have the greatest scope for action – where we can exert specific influence – and because we can achieve a very high impact.


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No fossil oil used for 10 years

No fossil oil has been used in the production facility at Landquart for 10 years.

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At our Landquart production facility

Energy-efficient systems, good insulation and innovative groundwater-based cooling are reducing CO2 emissions by over 500 tonnes a year.

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Plastics consumption

Working with our packaging machinery and plastic film suppliers, we have been able to reduce plastics consumption by more than 30%.

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Long-serving, satisfied employees

We value our long-serving employees, who have been with us for over 11 years (20%) on average or even over 20 years (27%). 


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100% Swiss meat in minipic

minipic is made entirely from Swiss meat and is Suisse Garantie certified.

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Water consumption per kg of fresh meat

Water consumption has fallen 10% as a result of targeted saving measures.

Groundwater-based cooling.

Pioneering achievement!

Our new building in Landquart was the first factory in the canton of Grisons to use a groundwater-based cooling installation. Other facilities now use this innovative, sustainable solution. 


Grischuna Technikraum

Because commitment means more than just lip service.

Success stories
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Minergie-standard production facility

Our Landquart facility was built to Switzerland’s Minergie standard in 2010, making it unique among production facilities in the Swiss meat industry.


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Equal pay

Equal pay is a reality at Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG since employees’ remuneration is determined by their duties – as the Swiss government has verified!

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Nature reserve certified by Natur & Wirtschaft

The 1,000 m2 nature reserve at our Churwalden facility has been certified by Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft [Nature & Business Foundation] as a near-natural site since 2002.

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«minipic» biodiversity hotspot 

The minipic biodiversity hotspot at Landquart, which covers over 5,000 m2, provides a habitat for many native plants and animals. In recent years, yellow-bellied toads, a large number of rare sand bees and Rosalia longicorn beetles have all made it their home.

More about the biodiversity hotspot

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Intelligent blind control

The control system of the slat blinds in the office building has been set up to prevent bird strikes. It is also programmed to stop as much solar heat as possible entering offices during the summer, while maximising sunlight as a source of natural heating in winter.

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Working together to prevent food waste

To avoid waste, we offer any end pieces of our meat products as good-quality products.




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Talent promotion

Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG supports the Grisons region and the people who live in it. We promote up-and-coming talent in sport, the arts and business.


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Because we want to continuously improve.

Looking ahead

Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG has already achieved several successes in its efforts to be a sustainable company. However, that does not mean it cannot do more.

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Solar panels and façade greening

Investigations are under way to assess the feasibility of installing solar panels at our facilities and greening the building envelopes to further develop sustainable energy management. As a first step, solar panels will be installed at our Landquart facility.

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Further decrease in CO2 emissions

As part of the Science Based Targets Initiative, we have committed to continuously reducing our CO2 emissions.

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Cutting waste

Waste is being reduced at source wherever possible.

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Continuing to decrease resource consumption

We are continuing to monitor resource consumption (oil, water, energy, machine operating hours, waste, etc.) and to reduce resource use where possible.

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Organic-quality animal welfare standards

Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG’s Bio-minipic is part of its efforts to increase the amount of organic meat it uses, thus helping to guarantee high animal welfare standards.

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Environment-friendly transport & packaging

Working closely with suppliers, machinery manufacturers, developers and direct customers, we are increasing the environmental compatibility of our packaging and transport systems.




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Healthy, resource-conserving products

Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG’s minipic and chickpic are manufactured using resource-conserving processes to combine enjoyment with sustainability.

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